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with winston. in september and october, we worked with staff from sfmta and dpw to determine the appropriate project needs and delivery approach for sf states. the outcome of that sf state will continue to be the lead on the project. the modified scope includes newly expanded sidewalks. portions on the north side and sidewalk expansion on the south side of winston and buckingham. the project includes correcting road alignment of winston to improve existing crosswalk. the change in scope do not affect the overall project. sfmta and dpw staff indicated their project of the over all project. we will don't work with sfmta to identify additional funding for polk including but not limited to prop k funds. last one i'm going to talk about is the rapid network place holder. the sfmta submitted three travel time reduction capital projects requesting $5.8 million in prop double a funds. all three of those projects are currently cleared through the transit effectiveness program. we understand there are some uncertainty over the schedule and the funding plans compared to the other projects submitted in
record of responsible third-party tax collection. the sfmta has informed us that their staff has reviewed the legislation and has no concerns and chris schulman is here from the office of small business who will represent the small business commission's findings. i'll now turn over the presentation to ms. mar. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. florence mar, tax director of the office of treasurer tax collectors. we'd like to thank supervisor campos for sponsoring this ordinance. it follows the efforts of former supervisor montgomery gold rick, alioto-pier, [speaker not understood], enforcing the san francisco parking tax. as background, parking tax has been in effect over 40 years. rent tax paid for parking, the operator collects the tax from the occupant, holds it in trust and remits it to the city on a monthly basis. it is a significant and growing revenue source for the city generating over $70 million annually. most of the tax is appropriated by board and to mta. the three components that i'll mention briefly here relate to parking bond, administrative citations, and the gove
commissioner cohen and members of the public. since then we have met with sfmta staff. we've offered support to the sfmta for potential prop k allocation to further project development of these projects. there are $7.3 million in prop k funds and tap funding strategy development will be focus of prop k strategic plan. we plan to start in early 2013. we also continue to work with the sfmta to identify additional funding for pet projects since since -- including the none eir improvement. the condition we included the action, priority for receiving any additional prop double a funds in the transit reliability category in the current five year period and also first priority for programming in the transit category in the next prop double a strategic update. you can find more information on all of these projects in the enclosure that i mentioned. final i want to note we made several small revisions to the policies and prioritization criteria. these are attachments three and four. the more substantial change consist clarifying consequences that requires project implementation to occur within 12 mon
of bicycle parking. this is again an example that the department worked closely with sfmta to create really simple diagrams that depict these requirements. an example here is showing the required distance between racks and also the distance to a curb or wall. another incentive offered is a line conversion of auto parking to bike parking. existing bike parking requirements also allow such conversion, for class 1 parking is required. however, this provision in the code does not specify any details and therefore remains unclear and really hard to implement. our proposal would provide specific ratios to convert an auto parking to class 1 or class 2 bicycle parking spaces and at minimum, each auto parking space can be replaced with seven bike parking spaces of any combination. existing buildings also could voluntarily convert their auto parking space to bike parking and i want to highlight that this is -- this requirement would just allow project sponsor and property owners to convert auto parking to bicycle parking and they are not mandating such conversion. also there is a provision for an
to acknowledge sfmta, who is here, if you have any questions. bicycle ridership has significantly increased in san francisco over the past few years. sfmta's annual count shows ridership has more than doubled since 2006. this report also estimated over 75,000 daily bike commutes in san francisco. with all of that ridership, the city has only 3,000 bike racks on the sidewalks. it requires better infrastructure, including bicycle parking. the san francisco bike plan was adopted in 2009, a collaboration between board of mta and the planning department. san francisco bike plan is an implementation arm for our general plan and this calls for plentiful and high-quality parking as one ever of its goals. first adopted in 1996 and at that time the requirements were only applied to city-owned and leased buildings. the requirements were expanded on basis to city-owned and privately-owned garages in 1998 and to commercial and industrial uses in 2001 and residential uses in 2005 and hotel uses most recently in 2012. now i'm going to look at how our proposal would update the requirements. this proposal
,000 appropriated funds to the sfmta budget. to complete the environmental phase of the project. authorizing the director modifying agreement terms and conditions. action item. >> good morning committee members. please to present this item begins on page 21 of your packet. the project nearing the end of the light of the tunnel. the item today is to update the original memorandum of agreement we forged back in 2008. since that time there's been a number of great progress plans including the development of the environmental analysis selection of alternative by both boards. tremendous work by partners. owner and operator of 101 which is highway 101 through the city. this item attributes to several actions. to reflect also the obtainment of a large fta grant. we happily we received a $50 million from the federal transit administration to support the project. part of that funding will be passed over to the authority and part of our previously prop 8 funds will be passed over to mta. this is all to cover some of the work already happened and budgeted for back in the 2010 appropriation as well as r
. the next sfmta meeting is scheduled for thursday, december 20, 2012, at sfmta headquarters located at -- the corner of south and -- 7th floor. i wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> chair: we have - we are skipping down public comment. seeing none. information items from staff? seeing none, item 14 is discussion item. i have one announcement. i would like to say quickly, ctap, who distributes accessible telephones the blind and deaf phones, they are located across the bay, they're coming to san francisco for distribution at the hearing and speech center on dec. 14th. this contact bob davies at the hearing and speech center if you would like to return your equipment. find out what equipment is available to you. we don't always have the opportunity in san francisco. is a great opportunity. it is a joint effort of the
on page 127 of your packet. the first allocation request, the sfmta requested they requested total $157,000. when completed this project will allow light rail vehicle to turn around and advance of the southern terminal. third connection illinois and 19th street. the design and construction phases of this project will be fund by $4.6 million federal grant and $1.38 million program fund. these of course will be printed in multiple languages. the tenderloin community elementary requires amendment to the traffic to add this project to the pp and fiscal year 2012, '13 from the guadalupe bay elementary school. with that i can take any questions who can respond. >> thank you for your presentation. just from experience we have in district 11 and also at the sun set district issue where we see light rail vehicles turned around. we have before us the mission bay loop and i just want to make sure there's a real plan in place to make sure that we're not going to use the loop just to serve the northern part of san francisco to focuses living in the south can actually maintain level of service becaus
are including book slip notices in fast track quarterly summaries and also the sfmta rpp program, renewal notices. we're using the existing meters by the plate inside the dome as well as stickers, decals on the meter face itself to notify the public of this upcoming change. and we are also issuing announcements through press releases at all of our social media outlets and our sfmta website. and we also will be doing a mass e-mail blast announcement to the various parties, stakeholders, including the board of supervisors, merchants, neighborhood groups, civic and religious organizations. excuse me. we also plan to have our parking control officers after the january 6 date to have a three-week basically grace period starting on january 6, 13th and also the 20th. and those three sundays we will not be citing formally violations, but instead issuing a friendly courtesy notices of the violation and the need to start complying. again, the decals on the meters of the new hours and the enforcement times will stay put on the meters. we have also met at your suggestion with a panel of religious and
to celebrate. and then finally next saturday -- on this saturday, the sfmta will be joining with supervisor wiener, the supervisor for district 8, along with duboce park community for a ribbon cutting celebrating the completion of the church and duboce project. i've given you updates along the way of the various shut downs that were quite disruptive to that point and really to all of our riders on the west side of town. but we're coming out of this project thanks to the engagement of the community, we have a very good project. people are very pleased with the results from an infrastructure standpoint, much better and smoother, more reliable service. but also from a safety standpoint for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and muni riders a maytionv achievement. 11:00 a.m., church and duboce we'll be celebrating with the community the success of that project. and that concludes my report. >> thank you, director rifkin. i want to say on the 28th i hope as many members of the board will be able to join and go in the various divisions. we see it in a monthly basis for those we honor. where can yo
home here in the castro from civic center. now sfmta provided shuttles to passengers that were stranded. the f line is up and running this evening. according to the sfmta they say they've isolated the problem with the under ground transit but they still need a little bit more time. it should be fixed within the hour. live in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> residents are suddenly living in the middle of a construction zone after their street suddenly vanished. a section of mountain view drive in lafayette was no match for the weekend storm siege. mark sayer shows us it maybe a mess. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to try to stabilize this 80 sink hole along lafayette creek. east bay mud crews using heavy equipment work into the night to repair two water lines damaged in the wash out. it's all too real for resident joyce when she walked over and looked out from her side yard. her yard looks directly on to the open trench and the exposed pipes. >> i felt very sad. all our lives is just -- we just have this house. and everything you worry about it. >> city officials
2013 and anticipated to be open by december 2013. last project, this project will allow the sfmta to install pedestrian signal at ten locates around the city. in addition to the installation of new projects. i will be happy to take questions. >> just over all, if you can explain how the signals fits with the overall city strategy. >> good morning commissioners. you may recall couple months back we explained our strategy and our prioritization for all the pedestrian contact signals intersections in city that's lack pcs. these are the ten locations that we've had in our list for a while. they rank pretty highly compared to the location in the city. we've been still looking forward to having the double a funds available so that we can go forward from design and constructing these signals. >> then these are approved -- what's the next phase in terms of looking at greater coverage of signals in san francisco? >> you're talking about the rest of the location, that is something in your cip. we continue to work and chip away at those locations. double a is one funding source and prop a is
included in your binders, there is -- i will put it on the overhead -- -- the sfmta is undertaking a public outreach program providing the form that i just put on the overhead. they are going to be printing tens of thousands of those. and have them available for local businesses to hand out to customers. there is also very similar design for 11x17 posters along with cash register-type signage that they can put up. in addition, they are going to do media outreach, radio outreach. they are going to be putting bus ads out. and they are going to be doing additional newspaper and other means to get the word out. >> commissioner comments? >> i attended the meeting that we had with the sfmta about the metering changes. the om only comment that i have to make and i totally understand why four-hour meters if you are going to a woreship service, but in the business corridors, frankly allowing people to park for four hours is not going to encourage turnover, which is what they are saying that they want. on a sunday most businesses are open 12-5, which is almost the entire business day. i
bus rapid transit project to provide additional $208,862 in proeshted prop k funds to the sfmta bringing the sfmta's prop k budget to the total amount not to ex-see $349,362. >> is there any member of the public who would like to comment? >> seeing none, could we take the same in-house call. item passes. >> could you call number 8? >> appoint glen davis, aaron 2k3w0e8ds commission and christopher wadding to the citizen's advisory committee for two year terms. >> is is there any member of the public who would like to speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. the same house and call. >> same house and call item passes. >> number nine, recommend that cal train proceed with design of quint street bridge replacement option one, berm design allocate, $352,184 and prop k funds to the san francisco department of the public works for the conceptual design and environment review of the quint jerrioconnector road. >> and i do have a speaker card. labron is there any another member that would like to speak on this item please come forward. >> i have a presentation. >> there we go. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 179 (some duplicates have been removed)

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